To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the loads of land remote, to travel is to live”

Hans Christian Andersen

The Hotel

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Experience Epic Beauty

At the top of Lomas de Santa Maria overlooking the cathedral and sixteenth century buildings and an architectural style with details in stone, quarry and geodes that were unearthed from its subsoil, you can breathe an atmosphere that invites you to admire Morelia´s beauty, heritage of humanity, and enjoy the sounds of nature amidst the attractions offered by the City of the Pink Quarry delighting your palate with a fusion of traditional gourmet flavors, to marry with the best wines and mezcal from the region.

Its proximity to the most beautiful magical towns of the country makes Morelia a destination that incites to know the magic of the 11 courtyards in Patzcuaro, the sphere’s fair in Tlalpuhaua, Santa Maria Magdalena’s convent in Cuitzeo, Zirahuen’s incredible lake and its fun adventure park, Monarch’s butterfly sanctuary at Angangueo, Santa Clara del Cobre’s handcraft workshops and Paricutin’s volcano, as well as outdoor sports such as hiking and mountain biking that you can live within the natural environment that surrounds Maja’s walls.